The Course


More than 10,000 years ago the unique landscape of Offaly was powerfully sculpted by the awesome natural forces of the dying Ice Age. As the great glaciers retreated, they left in their wake narrow ridges of sand and gravel which were deposited by the streams of water that had once flowed in tunnels beneath the melting ice. These ridges now comprise the magical Esker Riada, from which the course gets its name.

Research has shown that a nine hole golf course existed for a number of years adjacent to the present 16th tee. The revival of golf in this ideal natural location was the brainchild of the Molloy and O'Brien families. Christy O' Connor Jnr commenced his work in 1994 and working with Tom Byan as main contractor, he has with minimum soil disturbance plotted a marvellous course through natures own sandhills and sweeping valleys.

Excellent, natural drainage is one of the more obvious advantages the terrain offers golf-course construction. Then there are the dramatic undulations of valleys and plateaux which, along with natural lakes and woodlands, provide splendid design features.



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